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Applicable to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, renal osteodystrophy original (kidney disease rickets), hyperparathyroidism (accompanied 3rd), hypoparathyroidism, nutrition and malabsorption due to rickets and osteomalacia,pseudo calcium deficiency (D-dependent type I) rickets and osteomalacia. Usage and dosage: oral: 2 to 6 tablets / time, 3 times / day, a few days later to maintain the volume to 14 a week. Bile Vidin milk into the amount of warm water (3-5 times), taking milk or soy milk. Prevention: 1 15mg, may, at their discretion, to serve a further three months after the interval. 1 year, the total does not exceed 30mg (including vitamin D360 Wan U). Treatment: 1 15mg, depending on the severity of an interval can serve a further 1 1-year total does not exceed 60mg.

Shanghai shengxin Medicine & Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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